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251 2nd St E
Hadley, MN 56151

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251 2nd St E
Hadley, MN 56151

Hadley Lutheran Church History
Hadley Lutheran has the distinction of being the earliest-established Lutheran Church in Murray County.  The early settlers came to this area in 1872 in response to the Homestead Act of 1866.  In the Fall of 1872 a constitutional vote gave birth to Beaver Creek Norwegian Evangelical Church.  Members met in member houses until nearly a decade later when, in 1881, the first building was built in the village of Summit Lake, now Hadley.  As the congregation grew, it was deemed necessary to build a new building in 1908, the building that presently serves Hadley Lutheran Church.

Hadley is presently paired with Zion Lutheran of Adrian.  But partnering with other congregations is not a new thing for us at Hadley Lutheran.  In 1926 a parish alignment was established with Lake Wilson and Chandler.  Around 1940, our congregation was re-incorporated and officially became Hadley Lutheran Church.  In 1953, Lake Wilson left the parish.  And for another 50 years, we remained partners in ministry with Trinity Lutheran of Chandler.  It was after Trinity decided to close that we needed to look elsewhere for partnership as we are too small to sustain ourselves.  In 2005 we entered into conversation with Zion Lutheran Church of Adrian and Kenneth Lutheran Church of Kenneth, exploring the possibility of establishing a three-point parish.  And in November 2005, Hadley/Kenneth/Zion Lutheran Parish was established. Kenneth Lutheran closed in 2015 and so Hadley and Zion formed a two-point parish.

We are the oldest Lutheran congregation in Murray County, old but resilient.  And that resilience we do not attribute to our own strength or wisdom, but to the grace of God.  As it was written in our 100th anniversary booklet:
“We are aware of the weaknesses and shortcomings that have been a part of the history of this congregation and its individual members.  We can only be thankful to God for his blessings on our successful endeavors, and for his forgiveness when we have failed to advance the Kingdom in the community served by Hadley Lutheran Church.”

It is with this humility and faith that we forge on, knowing that, though we change, and so much around us, “Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Current worship schedules:

Sunday 8:45 am – Hadley

Sunday 10:45 am – Zion



We are open again for weekly services. We will practice social distancing. You may were a mask if you wish.

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